Workshop E: Remixing Knowledge in Dialogue: Conceptualizing Power in the Institution

Workshop  facilitated by Margaret Jean Westby, her description is as follows:

The workshop “Conceptualizing Power in the Institution” addresses issues of authority, distribution, gender, and politics between universities, research labs, graduate committees, faculty, administration, and students. I will define and present a workshop about the Imposter Syndrome and how it impacts gender, politics, and multiple relations within the institution and elsewhere. The following questions fuel the discussion: How is authority and expertise defined? What worth is given to accountability? I want to give space and value to rants. My aim is to create an affective dialogue of the various components of power that are distributed, troubled, and disjointed throughout various stages of research and dissemination. My hope is to pragmatically create manifestos, rubrics, poetry, letters, and other types of documentation to make positive changes to help graduate students navigate their journeys of research.

For more information or to register please consult the DIRTY DISCIPLINES, WILD KNOWLEDGES: How is our work given vital form in a time of a-disciplinarity? website.