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    CaPSL Exhibition Lab

    Immersive and adaptable multi-media exhibition space for curatorial research.
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    Itinerant Exhibition of the Chilean Museum of Memory and Human Rights

    Concept by Carmen Gloria Quintana, Gaston Ancelovici, and Sergio Gutierrez
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    Narcotraffic and the Art of Violence

    Exhibition curated by Dr. Nuria Carton de Grammont
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    Curating Difficult Knowledge Graduate Exhibit

    Works from Dr. Erica Lehrer's graduate seminar
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    Empowering the Female Machine

    Studio comprehensive and exhibit by Margaret Westby
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    Points of View

    Documentary and Interactive Exhibition by Zohar Kfir
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    Moving Memory: Difficult Histories in Dialogue

    Research exhibit by Nadine Blumer, Anique Vered and Hourig Attarian
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    TUG Collective Workshop, Exhibition, and Perfomance

    By cultural anthropologist Dr. Gaelyn Aguilar, and interdisciplinary artist Gustavo Aguilar
  • is-this-a-joke

    Is this a joke / C’est une joke

    Exhibition by independent artist and researcher Caroline Künzle
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    Lucky Jews Retrospective

    Retrospective of the Dr. Erica Lehrer's exhibit at Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum, Kraków, Poland
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    A Global Pandemic?: Problematizing Universal Strategies Through Localized Experiences of HIV/AIDS

    Exhibition by Dr. Jenny Doubt and Ian Bradly-Perrin
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    Standing on Their Shoulders

    BCRC's community heritage project to capture, highlight and preserve the Black English-speaking history of Montreal’s Little Burgundy district.
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    CounterMemories: The Challenge of Restorative Justice Practices

    Curated by Jill Strauss, featuring the works of artists Mona Sharma and Khadija Baker


Established in 2016 at Concordia University in Montreal, the Curating and Public Scholarship Lab (CaPSL) is a hub where faculty, students, and community and museum partners translate academic scholarship into on-site and mobile exhibitions that respond to critical social issues.

CaPSL began its life in 2008 as the Centre for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence (CEREV). CEREV’s community of scholars and exhibition projects remain a key “spoke” in our broader intellectual and creative community. As such, exhibiting difficult histories — legacies of colonialism, genocide, slavery, and human rights abuses — remains a central focus of research in the lab.