October 20 – 13, 2018: Striking Memories – Quebec’s general unlimited student strikes since 2005

Striking Memories (Nadia Hausfather, Rushdia Mehreen, Florencia Marchetti, David Widgington, Jen Spiegel, Marion Miller), is a visual installation accompanied by performance art exploring the experiences of Quebec’s general unlimited student strikes since 2005 as remembered by activists, with a focus on those affiliated to Concordia University in 2012. Paying close attention to the emotional dimensions of the strikes, the installation will include the research-creation work of Concordia students, alumni, and part-time professors, including: the sensorial documentary works of Marchetti; visual artworks and photographic documentation by Mehreen; Widgington’s “Ici comme ailleurs on a raison de ne rien lâcher” textile banner print/video collage and archival banner collection; and theatrical and dance performances coordinated by Spiegel. All of the above will be interwoven with Hausfather’s PhD dissertation video, audio, and textual work about the emotional experiences of participants during Québec’s student strikes.


12:00  – 2:00  Weds. Oct 10th –  Saturday 13th


Facilitated Discussion –  “Legacies of the Student Strikes and What Next”  TBA