April 27, 12 – 2pm: 3 short talks + discussion, “Materiality and Witness in National Museums”

Join Concordia PhD student Hugo Rueda (History), Professor Erica Lehrer (History & Sociology-Anthropology), and Queen’s University postdoc Jennifer Robinson (Visual Anthropology) as they present 3 short talks in preparation for their participation in an upcoming conference at the British Museum, “Art, Materiality and Representation”. 

➞ “Materialities made testimony. Objects as a way to organize the past in the narratives of the National History Museum of Chile.” – Hugo Rueda (PhD student, Department of History/Concordia University)

➞ “Awkward Objects of Genocide: Vernacular arts and Holocaust bystander memory in Poland.” – Dr. Erica Lehrer (Associate Professor, History and Sociology-Anthropology/Concordia University) + (Director, Curating and Public Scholarship Lab).

➞ “(R)econciliation and the Pedagogy of Witnessing in Canadian Museums and Arts-based Research” – Dr. Jennifer Claire Robinson (Postdoctoral Fellow, Creative Conciliations/Queen’s University).

– Accessibility Information –

The Curating and Public Scholarship Lab (CaPSL) is regrettably not wheelchair accessible. There is one small flight of stairs leading to the entrance of CaPSL but otherwise, the 6th floor of the Library building is accessible by elevator.

To raise other accessibility requests or questions please contact Alex by email at alex.robich@gmail.com.