March 23, 2018: Integrating Social Issues in the Art Museum: Creating Audio Guides for Visitors, Designing Training for Museum Guides

How do you create an ‘peace-themed’ audio guide with a group of artist-students for the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Pavilion for Peace? This multimedia presentation profiles Six Tales of Peace (and War), which was created for a graduate seminar course in the context of a Concordia University-MMFA partnership.

Kathleen Vaughan, faculty member behind the project, and Emily Keenlyside, doctoral student participant, will showcase the collaborative aspect of this curricular initiative; examine the transformative potential of embodied, sensorially rich audio-based engagement; and demonstrate how such an art museum learning tool can contribute to ongoing reflection and dialogue on contemporary questions of peacebuilding, healing, and connection. Emily will also describe her current exploratory action research project, which examines to what extent critical skills-based training can effectively equip art museum guides to confront mis and under-representations, question dominant narratives and address difficult knowledge with their groups.

Click to download audio guides in FR and EN


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