Exhibit – Dancing Agents: Remapping Gender and Remixing Traces in Digital Culture

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Vernissage: THURSDAY, MARCH 23 @ 5:00PM  —   Wine and Hors d’Oeuvres
 Date: March 23, 2017 – March 28, 2017
This exhibit in collaboration with Goldjian traces back the artistic journey of Dr. Margaret Jean Westby’s PhD research-creation project of making a mess of dance and technology through the framework of feminist Science and Technology Studies. The principle research question asks: in collaborative projects involving dance and technology, how do issues of agency, materiality, and gendered subjectivity arise, operate, and govern both research and development and the production processes? To explore specific strategies and feminist interventions, this exhibit celebrates her artistic work and pivotal collaborations that remap gender in digital culture. Her PhD dissertation researched the works of Loie Fuller, Yvonne Rainer, company Troika Ranch, and her research-creation project Orbital Resonance. Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, the work comments on political shifts of power in reflection to her case studies and to the current social and cultural upheavals in the states.

This exhibit is running in conjunction with the Humanities PhD Program Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, DIRTY DISCIPLINES, WILD KNOWLEDGES: How is our work given vital form in a time of a-disciplinarity?

Dr. Margaret Jean Westby will be conducting a round table March 24th and a collaborative workshop March 26th at the CaPSL exhibition lab. For more information or to register please consult the DIRTY DISCIPLINES, WILD KNOWLEDGES: How is our work given vital form in a time of a-disciplinarity? website.