CaPSL is an integrated audio, visual and multi-media facility that supports the construction and testing of research exhibitions before they are presented in more formal contexts such as public museums and galleries. The lab design provides a flexible space for creating and workshopping multimedia curatorial experiments. Examples of our past exhibitions can be seen below.
  • capsl-lab-fp-nodimensions

    CaPSL Exhibition Lab

    Immersive and adaptable multi-media exhibition space for curatorial research.
  • p1030389-768x432

    Itinerant Exhibition of the Chilean Museum of Memory and Human Rights

    Concept by Carmen Gloria Quintana, Gaston Ancelovici, and Sergio Gutierrez
  • p1020871-768x432

    Narcotraffic and the Art of Violence

    Exhibition curated by Dr. Nuria Carton de Grammont
  • cerev16-copy-768x509

    Curating Difficult Knowledge Graduate Exhibit

    Works from Dr. Erica Lehrer's graduate seminar
  • 20141017_134024-copy-1024x576

    Empowering the Female Machine

    Studio comprehensive and exhibit by Margaret Westby
  • p1010367-copy-768x432

    Points of View

    Documentary and Interactive Exhibition by Zohar Kfir
  • capsl-pictures-2016-71

    Moving Memory: Difficult Histories in Dialogue

    Research exhibit by Nadine Blumer, Anique Vered and Hourig Attarian
  • media-portal

    TUG Collective Workshop, Exhibition, and Perfomance

    By cultural anthropologist Dr. Gaelyn Aguilar, and interdisciplinary artist Gustavo Aguilar
  • is-this-a-joke

    Is this a joke / C’est une joke

    Exhibition by independent artist and researcher Caroline Künzle
  • p1000185

    Lucky Jews Retrospective

    Retrospective of the Dr. Erica Lehrer's exhibit at Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum, Kraków, Poland
  • p1020996

    A Global Pandemic?: Problematizing Universal Strategies Through Localized Experiences of HIV/AIDS

    Exhibition by Dr. Jenny Doubt and Ian Bradly-Perrin
  • p1030632-768x432-1

    Standing on Their Shoulders

    BCRC's community heritage project to capture, highlight and preserve the Black English-speaking history of Montreal’s Little Burgundy district.
  • img_9923-copy

    CounterMemories: The Challenge of Restorative Justice Practices

    Curated by Jill Strauss, featuring the works of artists Mona Sharma and Khadija Baker